Software products for plantbreeders

Agri Information Partners delivers standard software (E-Brida-Field, E-Brida and Mercado) for companies active in research and plant breeding. 

The software can also be used by certification organizations and certification institutions or companies in the Agri & Food sector. 

Mercado: Marketmanagement software

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Mercado supports breeding and production companies with marketing and product management. The software offers insight in market development, product positioning and much more.

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E-Brida: Software for plantbreeders

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E-Brida is an advanced database with extensive options for (mobile) data registration and analysis. The software has been developed based on experience in and needs of the seed and breeding sector.

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Registration software E-Brida Field

Registration app field

E-Brida Field provides the possibility to register data on location or in the field with a smartphone or tablet. The data quality increases because you establish the data restrictions yourself.

E-Brida Field functionalities



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